Sarah Milligan

Sarah Milligan

Hi I’m Sarah Milligan and I am Clinical Director for Tolson PCN. I qualified in 1997 and have been a GP for 18 years. I currently work at The Whitehouse Centre and have held the role of Clinical Director for 3 years. This role involves providing leadership for plans to improve the health and wellbeing of the local population by working with the member practices, community providers, local hospitals, social care and the voluntary sector.


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Nicky Mounsey

Hi I’m Nicky Mounsey, a GP at The University Health Centre for the last 20 years. I have been on the leadership team supporting Sarah, in her role as Clinical Director, for the last 3 years. I lead in inequalities and projects and I’m passionate about improving the health and well being of our local network. Recent projects have seen me working collaboratively with both the local schools and the University supporting teenagers and young adults with taking charge of their own health and wellbeing. 

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Farooq Hameed

Hi I’m Farooq Hameed and have been working as a GP for the past 18 years at the Waterloo Practice. I have seen a lot of changes to Primary care over this period.  I am passionate about improving healthcare to our local population and have been involved in the leadership team for Tolson PCN since the beginning, providing support to Sarah as Clinical Director and also supervision to the additonal roles.

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Alison Brandao

Hi, I’m Alison Brandao, a GP at Almondbury Surgery and I lead on Health Inequalities and Palliative Care in Tolson PCN. I have been a GP for 6 years and I am always striving to improve the health and wellbeing of our local community, through collaboration with local health partners. I support the PCN leaders team on various projects and work to make sure every person is empowered to look after their own health, with the support they need from healthcare services.


Julie Sunderland

Hi I’m Julie Sunderland, Practice Manager at The Junction Surgery. I took on the role of Practice Manager lead for the PCN in 2018 at the very beginning of Primary Care Networks and evolved onto the role of PCN manager last year. I’m passionate about patient care and providing the very best services for the population of Huddersfield. My role is to ensure the network works collaboratively together in an efficient way and that all new services are delivered and are specific to the needs of our local population.


Jaspreet Saggu

Jaspreet Saggu

Hi I'm Jaspreet Saggu and I am the prescribing lead for Tolson PCN. I originally qualified as a pharmacist in 2008 and was working in Birmingham in both the hospital and community pharmacy setting whilst training to be a doctor. I completed my GP training across Huddersfield and Halifax and currently work as a GP partner at Rose Medical Practice. My role as the prescribing lead involves me supporting our network pharmacists to provide their expertise to our patients and overseeing the implementation of medication-based services across our practices. I feel that my background knowledge of the pharmacy sector combined with my local GP training has been valuable when fulfilling this role.

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Louise Thornton

Hi, I’m Louise Thornton and I am lead nurse for the Tolson PCN. I qualified in 2001, I have developed in my nursing career becoming a nurse practitioner in 2011. I am new to the role of PCN lead nurse. I have lots of experience working for one of the Primary are national training hubs.

The PCN role involves providing differential leadership across the nursing and ARR’s team, working towards improving the health & wellbeing for members of the Tolson PCN. I currently work as part of the clinical team at The Whitehouse Centre, I have a keen interest in quality and governance and a real passion for developing people.

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Sally Oldbury

Hi I’m Sally Oldbury, Practice Manager at Rose Medical Practice. I’m Communications Lead for the PCN which means I manage the Twitter, website, write the newsletters and arrange our patient viewpoint events. I’m passionate about reducing health inequalities and improving the quality of general practice services in our area, especially for patients with Learning Disabilities or Serious Mental Illness. I’d always love to hear patient stories and work to make things better for the patients we care for as a Practice and as Tolson PCN.