At the beginning of our PCN development, we had a face to face meeting at Brian Jackson House, and invited patients from each of the eight practices to attend. It was horrible weather that evening and yet many of you kindly gave up your time to attend and help us develop our priorities and identity.

Since that initial meeting, Covid has hit and made further meetings more tricky. But we are still very keen on making sure what services we develop and provide are what you need. For this reason our comms lead, Sally, will be arranging virtual meetings on Zoom (a video-conferencing programme) so that we can talk to you about what we’ve been doing, and get your feedback about how you’ve found the new shared staff access we’ve been able to offer including First Contact Practitioner Physios, In-house Pharmacists, Dieticians, Health and Wellbeing Coaches and Social Prescribers.

The meetings are 1 hour (maximum) virtual meeting by video call and there is no commitment, pressure to comment or speak at all if you don’t want to. Our next meeting is Friday 27th October 2023 at 2pm.

Please email if you just want to ask any questions about the PCN or the Patient Viewpoint meeting. If you don’t have the technology for a video call but would like to join in, please contact Sally as we may be able to arrange for you to use a room and computer at your GP surgery so that you can still join us. You can also just join by phone but you’ll miss seeing everyone’s lovely faces!

Wooden tiles spell out FEEDBACK. The words: Tolson Network Patient Meeting Friday 9th June at 2pm email for the link to join